X Trench Run

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Transform into a fighter pilot to protect the inhabitants of the universe in the game X Trench Run. Destroy enemy defenses and advance to higher levels.

If you are a lover of high-paced and challenging action games, then X Trench Run is the right game for you. The game gives us excitement, a high fighting spirit, and a sense of responsibility to ourselves and the community of the inhabitants of the universe.

The main objective of this game is that you will take on the role of a fighter pilot. Fly the plane through the trenches of enemy space stations and neutralize their defensive towers. Note that the enemy will counterattack with the plane. You must have coping strategies. Keep yourself safe to protect innocent residents. Fly your plane with advanced weapons straight into enemy territory and win the conflict with the galaxies.

Are you confident to participate in this game yet? Perform exciting and dramatic battles to overcome obstacles and upgrade your skills. Destroy the building drifting in space with lightning bolts and different weapons.

How to fight

  • To move: Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys.
  • To shoot: Use the space bar or left mouse button.