Wrestle Bros

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Live in the world of wrestling with the intense and dangerous battles of the wrestlers in the game Wrestle Bros. Fight with pro skills to win the ring.

Wrestle Bros opens a virtual arena for wrestlers to enter the ring to engage in battle with opponents around the world. Players will be immersed in vivid images and witness the top fights of professional wrestlers.

Your task is to choose a wrestler to enter the ring and use professional wrestling techniques to challenge and weaken the opponent. Defeat your opponents with your skills and tactics. Chance to unlock 20 wrestlers if you play well and win. You will learn new skills from different wrestlers. Perfect yourself with personality skills and especially bold wrestling style.

Fight for rewards and become a character that catches everyone's attention with new looks, outfits, and accessories.

How to control

Single-player mode:

  • To move: Use left/right arrows or A/D keys.
  • To jump: Use the up arrow or W key.
  • To block: Use the down arrow or the S key.
  • To action: Spacebar, G or L.

Two-player mode:

  • Player 1: Uses WASD + G.
  • Player 2: Use Arrow keys + L.