Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors sent you to a dangerous land that has tons of monsters. Now, you use your weapons to fight them. Try to kill as many monsters as possible.

This is a survival game with extremely classic graphics. This is the retro style that was extremely popular in the 90s. You will enjoy the classic action in this game. Unlike Five Nights at Freddy's 4, you will have to move constantly in this game to attack and defend. You have extremely strong fighting power in this game. Try to survive as long as possible in this game.

As the sole survivor of Vampire Survivors

In the land of vampires, you have to face endless monsters. They will continuously attack and aim in your direction. There will be no teammates here and you have to fight them alone. Your continuous attacks will repel fearsome monsters. In addition to fighting, upgrading your strength is essential. This is an endless game, so you have to survive as long as you can.

How to stay alive for a long time

Many people will wonder about this issue. The number of monsters is so much that you only have one person. How to survive and score high in this Vampire Survivors game? You need to have a combination of attack and defense skills. In addition, you also need to upgrade the character to make him stronger.

Attack combined defense

Battles always need warriors with smart strategies. Going straight to the enemy alone is not a good measure. In this fighting game, you will need to attack and defend at the same time. Your character will automatically launch attack moves. They will have an effect to a certain extent. You will need to move your character to avoid enemy attacks. They can't hurt you if they can't reach you.

Power up in Vampire Survivors

Vampires or zombies will appear more and their stamina also increases. Even stronger new types of monsters appeared later. Therefore, the fighting power of your warrior needs to increase. You can collect blue gems to level up. As your hero levels up, his attacks also deal increased damage. In addition, he also received some new attacks.

Explore some items and achievements in Vampire Survivors

You can unlock some items by completing achievements in this fighting game. For example, you can unlock Ebony Wings if you get Peachone to level 7. You can also unlock Empty Tom if you hold 6 different weapons at once. Don't forget your item collection. They can be whip, magic wand, laurel, spinach and so on. These items will help you a lot in your battle. For example, a magic wand can fire the nearest enemies in the game Vampire Survivors.