Turbo Stars - Rival Racing

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Turbo Stars - Rival Racing is a skateboarding game with competitors competing for first place. Speed racing, earn coins and keys to get the highest score.

Developers and Platforms: SayGames is the developer of this game and it is played on platforms like iOS, Android, and finally WebGL which was officially released in June 2023.

Turbo Stars - Rival Racing is a game that requires quick reflexes, flexible moves, and high-speed adaptation. The player's task is to control the skateboard to launch through thrilling tracks covered with gold coins, keys come with obstacles. You will race with up to 11 opponents to compete for first place. Don't forget to collect gold coins, the key to unlock the reward.

The fun is doubled when you're the first to finish wearing the winner's crown.

Features of the game

  • It is a high-speed game that comes with the ability to react quickly.
  • Thrilling tracks with formidable opponents.
  • Success is good speed control.
  • Relatively easy to play but requires dexterity.

How to control

Use the left mouse/ Arrow keys/ WASD keys.