The Baby In Yellow

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Some interesting details in the game The Baby in Yellow

The Baby In Yellow will turn you into a nanny who has to take care of a naughty child. You may be faced with this baby's mischief. Hope you will like this game.

This game is developed by Team Terrible and it is considered the entry of this game development team in an online game competition. This game took only 48 hours for the development team to create this game. However, it became a hot game in horror titles with millions of downloads to date. This game is hot when version 3 of Granny is popular in the horror game market. If you think this is just a normal babysitting game, you are wrong. This game becomes horror because the kid you have to look like has demonic powers. Its pranks can make you panic.

The Baby In Yellow gameplay

This game is a horror and survival game like Five Nights at Freddy's 4. However, the scary character you need to face in this game is a baby who can't walk yet. However, it has powers that ordinary people don't have.

Do the job of a nanny

The gameplay is very simple. You can see your small tasks appear on the screen. You just need to do the job of a babysitter such as feeding the baby, changing the baby's diaper, and putting the baby to bed. Sometimes, you will see strange things happen while you are working. For example, when you put the baby down to go get a new diaper, you turn around and the baby is nowhere to be found. Then you discover it has appeared in a place far away from you within seconds. Sometimes this strange child can attack you, so you need to deal with this problem skillfully.

Use the mouse and keyboard to play

In this game you can use WASD to move around the house. To pick up an object or pick up a child, simply click the left mouse button. If you want to put them down, just click the left mouse button again.

Learn about the rooms in The Baby In Yellow

The house in which you work is not very large but has quite a lot of room. You can change your baby's diaper in the bathroom and get him milk from the fridge in the kitchen. Upstairs there will be a bedroom for the baby. When you have passed 3 nights in this game, you can unlock one more room. This place contains an item that can defeat the demon in the boy. Hope you can survive the night.