Super Thief Auto

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Super Thief Auto is a running game to the finish line by playing the role of a thief to rob all the traffic on the road. Help him to finish first in the race.

Game developer Yso Corp officially released Super Thief Auto on the WebGL platform in July 2023 and has become an addictive game for enthusiasts of the fast-paced action genre.

Super Thief Auto is a role-playing game where a super thief participates in a speed race to the finish line. The feeling the game brings is the excitement, suspense, and spirit of being ready to rob any means of transport to be able to complete the goal.

You will race against formidable opponents. Ready to fight for things with you. Whoever is quick, he or she will own useful items. Run fast to reach the cars and grab them to quickly reach the finish line. Compared to running, having a means of transportation is a great thing.

You need to be careful not to hit the obstacles on the road or you will be thrown out of the vehicle you just robbed. There are power-up items appearing on the track, try to get it to ensure your health.

How to play

Use left and right arrow keys or A, D keys.