Rainbow Monster Impostor Catcher

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Explore the thrills and thrills of Rainbow Monster Impostor Catcher. Control Rainbow Blue to perform tasks to catch mischievous characters in the allotted time.

Taptapking released Rainbow Monster Impostor Catcher on Friday, July 7, 2023, and created a great surprise for players when combining Rainbow Friends Games and Among Us Games. A novel combination but extremely smart.

Rainbow Monster Impostor Catcher gives players freshness, thrills, attraction, and extremely addictive gameplay. It meets elements such as strategy, adventure, action, and puzzle.

Your task in this game is to use the WASD keys and spacebar to control Rainbow Blue to go around the spaceship to catch mischievous impostors. The task should be completed in the allotted time. Plus get the key to open the teleporter and advance to harder levels.

With different graphics and sounds, you will find a new world in Rainbow Monster Impostor Catcher. Let's play the game after stressful school and work hours or any time you want because it is extremely addictive.

How to play

Use WASD and spacebar.