Popcorn Master

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Get lost in the popcorn world in the Popcorn Master game. Fill the containers with popcorn without overflowing. Get high scores and collect secret gifts.

Are you a popcorn lover? Have you ever manually controlled the machine to create beautiful and greasy popcorn? Have you ever had the experience of pouring popcorn into containers without letting any of them fall out? All those fascinating experiences will be in the game Popcorn Master. The game gives you moments of extreme relaxation but is full of attraction after hours of studying or working stress.

Your task in this game is to fill the popcorn containers with different shapes and not to spill them out of the boxes. The percentage achieved after each turn will measure your ability to control the popcorn in the box. Just drop the popcorn out and you will be defeated. So don't go overboard.

The goal in each level is different with more difficult challenges when the boxes have complex shapes. Determine the right amount to fill these boxes.

Remember to open the chest to get a secret reward after each successful level.

How to play

Use the mouse.