Pongs World

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Save the world from evil and protect the kingdom from zombies in the game Pongs World. Participate in battles and build walls to save the universe from doom.

Drmop released Pongs World on the Android browser in May 2023 and on the WebGL browser in July 2023. A craze has exploded for heroes who want to save the world in a thrilling yet perilous adventure.

The player's task is to participate in tough, fierce battles on the battlefield, navigate mazes, and perform various jobs such as building walls, installing cannons, and fighting zombies. Chance to discover mysterious treasures of high value when completing challenges. Upgrade pets, equipment and especially upgrade yourself.

Joining the game you have different options like fighting or doing missions. Choose what works for you or what interests you.

Immerse yourself in and experience the wonderful sensations only available in Pongs World. Save the universe from destruction with a heroic spirit ready to fight to protect the kingdom.

How to play

Hold the left mouse button, WASD, or arrow keys.