Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape

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Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape is an escape game in mysterious and potentially dangerous mazes. Collect stars and coins to find your way to the finish line.

With Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape you will be role-playing as an alphabet Pac-man immersed in mazes full of traps but with strong charisma. It captivates you with its bright colors, exciting animations, and bold sound effects that ensure it's addicting from the first time you play it.

In story mode, you'll go through dozens of mazes with multiple exits with coins and stars scattered along the way. Don't get too hung up on making money and stars to bumping into obstacles. Control your greed. Remember the goal is to earn money and stars to find the exit.

Playing Pac Maze: Alphabet Escape you will have the skill to move between mazes by sliding. Conquer the weaker letters and claim their power. Power up, collect chests, and tame monsters in the final maze. Chance to unlock all abc characters.

How to play

Use the mouse or the WASD keys to move.