Only Up!

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Only Up! is an extremely impressive altitude game with fast and accurate reactions. Overcome obstacles to discover the highest peak in an excellent way.

How to play

An extremely impressive adventure set in a vertical maze, With super beautiful 3D graphics. Players will be drawn into an adventure of overcoming obstacles to conquer the highest peak without falling down. Various obstacles require quick and accurate reaction skills. Requires more meticulousness, care, and ingenuity to climb the rocks without slipping and falling to the foot of the mountain. Control the character with precise steps to explore the maze. Conquer the highest elevation for a chance to explore more difficult levels.

Only Up! was released by NoufreGames in July 2023 and it suddenly became an extremely hot game with gamers. Especially for those who like adventure games.

What about you? Are you ready to become the strongest mountain climbing adventurer? Experience the thrill and happiness of winning with Only Up! extremely interesting right now on our site.

How to control

  • To Move - Use WASD.
  • To Jump - Use Space.
  • Pause - P Restart.