Mine Blocks

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Survive and create a new world in the game Mine Blocks. Craft sharp weapons, collect endless resources, and build structures in this fascinating game.

Mine Blocks is an extremely attractive game for Minecraft fans. Compared to before this game was only playable in Flash, now you can freely explore and conquer the game in HTML5. Mine Blocks will give players a sense of curiosity, a passion for exploration of the vast world, and the enjoyment of building their empires and protecting their achievements.

Survival and creativity are the 2 main mechanics of the game.

With survival: Your mission is to create a shelter to fight the enemy by finding and collecting a variety of materials. Then combine them together to create new items.

With creativity: Create a place where you can go freely to find unlimited resources at your will that can be a sandbox. Where you can fly around the map. This mode will unleash your imagination to build an epic city with everything new.

How to play

  • Use WASD keys to move.
  • Double tap A or D to sprint
  • Click and hold nearby blocks or creatures to collect resources.
  • Select a block in the Hotbar and Right-click an empty space to place the blocks.
  • Press E to open the treasure.
  • Eat food by selecting the item in Hotbar then right-click and hold.