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Escape from Granny in a horror house! You are captured by a creepy grandma. Now, you can only find clues to run away from this locked house!

I think many people know this horror game. The mission of this game reminds me of Backrooms. You must escape the old house of a creepy grandma. All exits such as windows or doors are locked or sealed. This has added more difficulty to this game. Granny will hang around the house and don't let her see you.

Get out of Granny's house

There's nothing worse than waking up to find yourself in a killer's house. Your life is in danger at any time. You need to get out of here immediately.

Find the key to unlock the main door

You will escape from the house of terror through the main door. However, this door is even locked with two locks. The keys will not appear directly. You need to take it step by step to find these keys. The objects inside are related to each other and they will probably help you get the door key. In addition, certain objects in the house can also hold granny feet for a few minutes. Use them to do the things you need to get done.

Avoid being discovered

Things will get complicated if the creepy granny finds out you're running away. She will chase you, making your escape more difficult. What's more, if you get caught again, you lose instantly. You can use the sounds to get her attention. She can hear every sound in the house. If you drop something, she will immediately go there. Although this is a difficulty, you can also take advantage of it.

Granny difficulty

For even new players to be able to pass this game, publishers have added game difficulty to the game. Here there are 5 levels: practice, easy, normal, hard, and extreme. The difficulty will gradually increase depending on the level you choose. If you still don't know the rooms of the house, I think you should play the Practice level. At this level, Granny is not home, but some dangerous traps will still be placed in the house. You will only have 5 days to escape this deadly house just like you have to survive 5 nights in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

How to control

To be able to move the character, you need to use the WASD key. When you want to use your chosen weapon, click the left mouse button. To disable the dangerous bear traps, you can press F. You use the F key to crouch or stand up while the E key to pick up objects. If you want to drop objects, you can use the spacebar.