Gorilla Tag

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Gorilla Tag is a virtual reality game that depicts a wild adventure in the jungle playground of a gorilla. Let's unleash the primordial energy in this game.

Gorilla Tag brings a new sense of excitement with a special adventure. Release energy using a unique movement method that requires arm and hand movement. With six levels with different terrains, you will have an extremely interesting experience.

Coming to Gorilla Tag, players will play the role of a gorilla participating in a thrilling chase. You have to move through the forest on your own using your hands and hands pushing across surfaces. Sometimes it is necessary to jump up or grasp the surface with both hands. Need to move constantly and conquer trees, cliffs, and deep holes. Overcome all obstacles with your strategy.

The mechanics of the game are very simple. No buttons, no sticks, no instant teleport. You can only move your heavy body by using strong hands.

Explore your limits with an exciting parkour adventure in Gorilla Tag.

How to play

Use the mouse.