Gary's World

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Gary's World is an adventure of Gary with a mission to run through the forest to save the princess. Overcome obstacles to complete 10 levels of the game.

Inspired by the classic Super Mario we will be entertained with the fun game Gary's World in a world full of mysteries. This is an extremely wonderful classic platformer game that gives players the opportunity to travel through lands with many undiscovered secrets. With fun sounds, eye-catching images, adorable characters, and especially a meaningful plot, players will be immersed in Gary's World.

The beautiful princess is locked in the castle at the end of the road on level 10. Gary must overcome obstacles and defeat fierce monsters to reach the end and rescue the princess. Use a strategy of throwing bombs, stomping on enemies, or using supernatural powers to defeat monsters. Note that you should break gold blocks to recover valuable items for the adventure.

Tips for playing

  • To defeat every monster should eat liquids and energy items to become strong.
  • Buy more items in the shop to further your adventure by collecting coins along the way.

How to play

  • To move and jump: Use arrow keys.
  • Fire: Use the spacebar.
  • Use mutant liquid: Use the Z key.