Garten Of Banban Escape

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Explore the creepy world of the Garten Of Banban Escape game. Find the exit door and escape from the horror kindergarten with keys and special items.

Garten Of Banban Escape is a 3D horror game with a scary adventure but with strong appeal. Prepare your mind of steel to participate in this hair-raising game. The player's task is to find a way out of the haunted preschool in a fairly large space with no exit covered by darkness.

Walk around from room to room to find keys, levers, or items needed to escape. Use arrow keys or WASD to move. When in danger, press the Shift key to run. To hide, use the F key, to reappear press the T key. To drop items use the G key and crouch, use the C key.

The actions seem simple, but with the haunted environment and creepy sounds, you are often confused. Be calm and brave to overcome. You have 5 lives to survive. Preserve these 5 lives to survive.

Are you confident to escape from this scary school? Let's challenge with the Garten Of Banban Escape game now.

How to play

Use mouse, arrow keys or WASD, shift, F, T, G, C keys.