Galaxy Attack

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Join the space shooting game Galaxy Attack to protect the Earth. Fight to become a real superhero saving the universe from dangerous enemies.

Galaxy Attack belongs to the action game genre that promises to bring players a sense of attraction and excitement. It was released on Thursday, June 29, 2023, by Sunriase Games and has generated positive effects from players around the world.

From the spaceship, your mission is to control it alone to fight with aliens to maintain the peace of the earth. The number of enemies is growing and the combat environment is extremely dangerous. You must Collect items along the way to upgrade your spaceship. Even go to full capacity or change the model of the spaceship to suit the combat environment.

In different levels, enemies appear in unexpected ways that sometimes startle you. But keep your spirits up to fight against them. Aim and quickly shoot down opponents and upgrades and protect yourself in the next rounds. Are you ready to go save the universe? Let's play Galaxy Attack today.

How to play

Use the mouse.