Friday Night Funkin’: Candy’s World

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Play Party Detected, Shadow Star, and Drawed On songs with the goal of singing to survive in the exciting game Friday Night Funkin': Candy's World.

Friday Night Funkin': Candy's World is a new addition to FNF Mods. In the final stage, it is extremely difficult but worth it for players to choose and conquer.

Friday Night Funkin': Candy's World continues to be a boy's battle to pass his father's test with the goal of conquering his girlfriend's heart. In this version, the guy needs to perform 3 songs with a fast and difficult tempo: Party Detected, Shadow Star, and Drawed On. Will he win the competition and survive this fierce race? Let's explore this game together.

Choose the game mode that suits you at the start of the game. Be it playing in story mode or freestyle mode. No matter what mode you play in, to survive you need to get to the end of the song by hitting the correct notes according to the chart. The tempo is very fast, you need to feel the music and good processing skills to win.

Press the arrows exactly at the same time with the same arrow icons. Don't skip or hit wrong too many times if you don't want to lose. Let the tunes of the song ring out after each play.

How to play

Use the arrow keys.