FNaF Shooter

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FNaF Shooter offers a completely different type of horror FNaF game compared to previous survival FNaf games. Use your weapons to destroy the robots.

You are probably too familiar with the horror game series FNaf where you have to survive until morning. For example, you will have to turn the lights on or off or close the door to be safe in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. In addition, you also have no fighting power in this series. However, things have changed in FNaF Shooter. Let's explore how it changed with me.

Become a great shooter in FNaF Shooter

Perhaps shooting games are no longer strange to today's players. This game will be a combination of the horror FNaF game with the shooter game. Your enemies in this game will be bear robots. They will appear everywhere and in unexpected places. Of course, you won't sit around and protect yourself with flashlights or doors. You will be provided with the most modern weapons. The guns with high damage will be equipped in this game. I think now you will feel excited instead of scared. Grab your gun and kill the enemy right away!

Beat any FnaF robots

In FNaF Shooter, these animatronics are extremely powerful. They can withstand being shot for quite a while. However, they will still fall down if hit by too many bullets. Therefore, you must not waste any bullets. Let's see what we need to do to tear these evil robots into pieces.

Aim and shoot properly

To be able to aim at the robots, you need to take advantage of the white-browed target mark. You just need to move this mark above the enemy and fire. Aim at the head of these monsters to shoot. As such, you can deal more damage to them. Your gun needs to be loaded continuously because it can only hold 30 rounds per reload.

Flexible movement

Besides having good shooting ability, you also need skilled movement skills. The monsters will want to approach you to attack. Don't let them hit the mark. You have to move quickly to dodge them. Each time you are attacked, you will lose a little HP. When HP is depleted, you will lose this game.

A few tips to conquer FNaF Shooter

You will probably find this game simple. However, it will be very difficult if you do not know some of the following tips

Note when shooting

  • If your gun runs out of ammo, you will have extremely low combat power. While waiting to reload, move quickly to avoid enemy attacks. Finding a safe place to hide is also a good way to reload.
  • If there are too many robots chasing you at once, you can shoot in the foot. This makes these bear robots move slower and you can easily control the situation.

Game control

  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Press WASD to move around
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot
  • Click and hold the right mouse button to aim
  • To change the weapon, use the mouse wheel.
  • F for knife attack
  • F to throw a grenade
  • T inspected the weapon.