Duo Bad Brothers

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Duo Bad Brothers is an escape adventure of a pair of zombie brothers from the laboratory. Collect all 3 stars and find the fastest way out for them.

Duo Bad Brothers is a fun game but requires strategy. Players will be absorbed in the exciting adventure of these 2 adventurers. The plan and the way to move should be clearly outlined and properly implemented to escape in the shortest time.

A small character but moves extremely fast and can go through small holes with ease. A brother with a more muscular body means more health, but moving will be more difficult. The combination of rhythmic ingenuity and smart arrangement is the key to a safe exit.

The main task of the player is to help the two brothers find the fastest and most suitable exit. Look around and move flexibly to open the doors. Collect stars to complete missions. Remember that Character with large bodies can use their strength to break wooden walls. Smaller characters can get through small holes.

Features of the game

  • Fresh experience with thrill.
  • A clear strategy is the key to a successful exit.
  • Graphics, and sound combined rhythmically.

How to control

Use the arrow keys and the WASD keys.