Dunk FallBall

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Dunk FallBall is a basketball simulation game with exceptional gameplay based on innovative physics. Get the ball exactly into the basket with your strategy.

The task of the game Dunk FallBall is to control a basketball over the obstacles to accurately fall on the basketball. The difference in the game is that the basket is suspended in the air. Players will navigate the ball through moving platforms, continuously rotating blades, and curved paths to put the ball into the basket accurately.

Features of the game:

  • This is a sports game that combines basketball and puzzles.
  • Innovative physics-based fresh gameplay.
  • Bright graphics, vivid sound.
  • The game has many game modes to choose from.
  • Hone your skills with addictive and challenging gameplay.

How to play

Just left-click to control the ball to go in the direction you want. However, it also requires quick reflexes, and flexibility and needs to be done with the fastest time possible. For those who like a game that has a balance between accessibility and difficulty, Dunk FallBall is a great choice.


Use the mouse.