Drunken Crane

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Carry a drunken uncle with a crane on an elephant or trampoline to a chair in the game Drunken Crane. Conquer 38 levels to unlock other mysterious levels.

Drunken Crane belongs to the genre of action puzzle games. The main task in this game is to help the drunk uncle to a bench with a crane. The task will be more complicated when it requires the player to perform on the back of an elephant or use the recoil of a trampoline. The higher level is that there will be an obstacle which is the ball moving continuously. If you hit the balloon, the mission will fail.

Players will use the control buttons on the right of the screen in the order of bringing the uncle sideways, lowering the uncle, and releasing the crane. Actions need to be smooth and precise.

The game gives players excitement, curiosity, and excitement. With the actions performed excellently through the levels, you will receive 3 stars. There are 38 levels for you to conquer and many mysterious levels will be unlocked if you complete 38 main levels.

How to play

Use the mouse.