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Escape the Backrooms with your wits. You will see empty rooms with the main yellow color in this game. Many mysterious monsters can catch you here.

In recent years, first-person horror games have become increasingly popular. Everyone may remember the famous game Five Nights at Freddy's 4. However, some people who prefer active gameplay will love Backrooms more. In the game, you have to move continuously to find the exit from the endless building. There will be monsters lurking here. Therefore, be careful.

What is Backrooms

Backrooms is an urban legend depicting an infinite space. Here, there will be yellow walls along with flashing lights that add to the terrible atmosphere. There will be fearsome entities appearing here. If you don't find your way out, you will fall victim to them. This game has relied on this urban legend to create an endless setting. In this game, you can even imagine real backrooms because of extremely realistic graphics with golden walls and flashing lights. Your mission in this game is to escape from these backrooms.

Select one of three Backrooms' modes

Classic mode

In this mode, you can choose the difficulty. You can choose the easy, medium, or hard levels. If you are a newbie, choosing the easy level is better. In this game mode, you will get alerted by enemies' sounds. So headphones are required. You're stuck in the backrooms. You can only walk and see around. Your object is to escape. Follow continuous sound, that's the exit. The sound fades away and plays again based on difficulty. The eye turns colorful when you look toward it. There are also some friends in this backroom. You must see them when you hear them. But also don't look for too long. Their eyes are red when you see some.

Deaf mode

You are still stuck in the yellow backroom but you will find your way by guiding doors. So, headphones aren't necessary. Follow a way that doesn't change you, that's the exit. You may encounter some friends. You must look away when you see them, the eye fills with red before they kill you.

Free mode

If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the backrooms. You just run continuously in the endless rooms. There isn't a game difficulty as in the other modes. However, I think this mode is also very interesting.

Don't forget to customize settings in Backrooms main menu

There, you can turn the game music on or off. In addition, you can also customize the camera sensitivity and quality level. In addition, you can track your stats like high scores, time plays, backrooms resident, and so on.