Agame Stunt Cars

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Agame Stunt Cars is a racing game on complex and dangerous terrain with attractive 3D effects. Make spectacular turns to conquer every road.

Thrilling racing with super beautiful 3D mode will be simulated very realistically in the game Agame Stunt Cars. This is an extremely exciting experience that you should not miss. Highly entertaining game with stunts worthy of a world-class car race.

The mission of this game is to control a new generation sports car to perform excellent steering moves in a large 3D world designed with dangerous roads with many complex terrains. Classy driving skills excite and amaze players the first time they are performed.

What catches the eye are slopes, buildings with unique architecture, and fanciful curves that are every driver's dream to conquer. Players drive around to explore all these structures.

There are 2 maps for you to choose from: city exploration and training ground. You can play on any map you like.

How to play

  • To move: use the WASD keys.
  • To switch to another vehicle: Press the G and H keys.
  • Change the map: Press the M and F keys.